7 Foods That Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

We all know that a healthy and balanced diet is that key to maintaining a good health overall and preventing any number of illnesses, but when focusing on prostate cancer significantly, many people are uninformed about how exactly it is connected to diet and how it can be treated or effected. That’s why we have compiled a list of the 7 most effective foods in preventing and treating prostate cancer below:


There are several different kinds of nuts, and they all offer different variations on the health benefits that they provide. They’re known as one of the healthier snacks available, because they can improve both brain function and cholesterol. But they also beneficial for preventing prostate cancer because they contain the mineral selenium. Studies have shown that selenium, when combined with soy particularly, can be beneficial in fighting against prostate cancer. Specifically, the Brazil nut, which provides 100% of the daily value of selenium, can be particularly beneficial in this regard. Aside from that, almonds, walnuts, and pecans have all been identified as being useful for fighting prostate cancer.


Specifically, fatty fish that contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids have been identified as potentially helpful in the battled against prostate cancer. Omega-3s should be a staple in most any healthy diet because of its ability to raise good cholesterol, and lower high blood pressure. But studies have found that it has the further benefit of lowering the risk of prostate cancer, likely because of the anti-inflammatory effects it has that can be used to inhibit or slow the growth of tumors. Specifically, fish such as salmon or trout are known to be beneficial in this regard.


Many forms of beans are full of nutrients that are beneficial for all around health, several of them are high in fiber, which can help to reduce an enlarged prostate, as well as slow or stop the growth of cancer in the prostate early on. Specifically, soy beans have been identified as a good source of protection against prostate cancer. Several different studies have been conducted that show that soy can decrease the chances of prostate cancer occurring, and can also prevent it from reoccurring in some.

Green Tea

Identified as a superfood, green tea has a seemingly endless amount of benefits for the body and maintaining overall health. One of those benefits has been found to be protection against potential prostate cancer. Additionally, in a 2014 study, subjects were given green and black teas every day for 12 weeks, and in that time period saw an improvement in the flow of their urine and decreased inflammation in the prostate area.


Green vegetables are never a bad idea when trying to achieve a healthy, balanced diet, and in the case of the prostate, they, specifically broccoli, offer further benefits, in their protection against prostate cancer. It seems that broccoli contains a compound known as sulforaphane, that is believed to fight cancer, and that supplements of the compound can be used to battles advanced forms of prostate cancer specifically. So, eating broccoli and other green vegetables can potentially prevent cancer and be used as a treatment of prostate cancer once it becomes advanced.


Asian mushrooms specifically, provide many great health benefits, and one of the most important benefits is helping to fight against cancer. Asian mushrooms contain an antioxidant by the name of L-ergothioneine, which is particularly concentrated in shiitake, reishi, and maitake mushrooms. L-ergothioneine has been shown to be able to protect healthy cells within the body, including those in the prostate. Furthermore, they showed an ability stop the spread of tumors associated with multiple different kinds of cancer, including prostate.


A study conducted in 2013 found that garlic is associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Garlic contains sulfur, which is part of what gives it its potent smell, and the sulfur is released when chopped. It is believed that the sulfur compounds can help to destroy cancer cells within the prostate specifically. Fortunately, garlic can be used in a variety of recipes while improving the taste or blending well so that it doesn’t have to be eaten directly.